Quick Ways to Style A Workout Set

Quick Ways to Style A Workout Set

Some of us may not put much thought into what we wear when working out — after all, the only people that see the outfit is the receptionist at the gym outlet and our own mirror reflection at the gym. But curating a stylish gym wardrobe is not only for the gym — what if we tell you that you can incorporate them into your everyday fashion effortlessly with the right styling?

1. Throw on a white button-down shirt

A matching sports bra and biker shorts will look even better when you throw on a white button-down shirt. This piece of outerwear instantly changes your gym look into classy streetwear. Whether it’s a classic black or a poppy orange, the neutrality of the white button-down shirt will match with it seamlessly.

2. Drape a sweater over your shoulders

A styling tip that makes a look instantly chic is by throwing a sweater over the shoulders instead of putting it on. Having it draped over the shoulder or tied across the torso subtly adds dimension to any outfit, and instantly changes your workout set from gym wear to a stylish athleisure outfit, for both ladies and gents.

3. Accessorise

A splash of silver or a dash of gold are not only easy ways to elevate your gym look, but it also automatically adds the luxe factor into your gym fashion. A touch of detail goes a long way — a silver watch, a gold necklace or a couple of stacked rings can really elevate the look. Take it to the next level by doubling up on your accessories with a sophisticated pair of sunglasses or a stylish hat.

4. Pick different footwear

While bulky trainers and flip-flops are the obvious comfortable choices for a work out session, it’s definitely not something that many would label as fashionable. A change of footwear can change your gym wear into an athleisure get-up: put on a pair of leather sandals or white sneakers. Match them with tall white socks for another step up. Small changes and additions are key to elevating a simple workout set.

5. Match with a leather bag

While a duffle bag is the most convenient way to carry all your gym stuff, try switching it out for a leather bag instead. It can be a shoulder strap, a clutch, a handbag or even a backpack — as long as it’s leather. The mismatch of the sporty and luxury aesthetics is exactly what makes this pairing work.

The best thing about this styling tip is that it works with just about any combination of workout clothes, for both men and women — a sports bra and leggings set, a tracksuit, and even a pair of sweatpants.

The biggest takeaways from these five tips are layering and attention to detail. We don’t need to be extravagant to be elegant — the right pieces and combinations can instantly change your most stylish pieces of gym wear into everyday fashion.

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