About Us

Athletique Recreation Club is an activewear label created for the icons of tomorrow: the ones who push boundaries inside and outside their workouts, and never sacrifice performance for style – or vice versa. We design versatile athleisure for tomorrow’s icons to live, workout and play in, every day.

With a commitment to excellence, we craft versatile clothing for urban adventurers, combining high-tech fabrics with contemporary silhouettes.

We’re a club and a community, that welcomes everyone who’s excited by tomorrow’s possibilities.

Inspired by the re-designers, the vision-shifters, the future-thinkers. The people shaping what it means to be an icon, tomorrow.

Athlétique Recreation Club is a lifestyle brand that goes beyond activewear. Our design philosophy revolves around performance and style to deliver the versatility you need every day.

We believe that activewear has become a commodity, a compromise not a choice, where everyone dresses the same no matter what brand they workout in.

We are inspired by all types of working out and draw influence from the connected worlds of sport, fashion and culture. We don't accept that personal style stops when your workout starts. We hope you don't either.